Even if you have had a positive pregnancy test, it is important to have the test confirmed with an ultrasound exam. Approximately 25 percent of pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage. (1)

The ultrasound can help answer the following questions:

  • Is the pregnancy located where it should be (in the uterus and not a fallopian tube)?
  • Approximately how far along are you?
  • Do we see what we would expect to see in a healthy, early pregnancy?
  • Is there fetal cardiac activity?

Making a decision you feel good about includes being informed. If you are considering abortion, we can provide an ultrasound free of charge to help you determine the viability of your pregnancy. An ultrasound is advised prior to having an abortion. Our ultrasounds are performed by medical professionals under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician.

Our services are free of charge and confidential as allowable by TN state law. No insurance needed. No billing.