Full Disclosure
Oasis Medical is a non-profit medical clinic specializing in pregnancy diagnosis and decision.

We serve our clients from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual approach.

All our services are confidential as allowable by TN state laws and complimentary.

Our medical services are provided under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician. These services are implemented by licensed medical professionals and trained volunteers.

Our Patient Coordinators are volunteers who provide non-medical services such as education, consultation, life planning, and community referrals. Patient Coordinators are specially trained volunteers who are not licensed professionals and are not a substitute for professional counseling.

The pregnancy tests used by Oasis Medical are 97% to 99% accurate; however, only a physician can diagnose pregnancy. If you have a positive pregnancy test and meet the guidelines established by our Medical Director, you will be offered an ultrasound. The results of your ultrasound exam will be interpreted by a qualified physician and will confirm you have a viable intrauterine pregnancy.

All information is confidential except if Tennessee state child abuse reporting laws apply or if we believe or hear that you are in danger of hurting yourself or others.

To protect your privacy and the privacy of our Patient Coordinators, any use of electronic recording devices during your office visit is not permitted.

Oasis Medical does not make any money from the choices you make. We neither refer for nor perform abortions nor sell or distribute birth control devices. Our medical professionals provide education about birth control, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases.